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Defining Informatics Education Since 1997

SBMI 20th Anniversary

The UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics (or SBMI as it is affectionately called) is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary on April 20, 2017. April 20 was adopted as SBMI’s date of inception as a way to honor Doris L. Ross, Ph.D., the founder and first dean of the School of Health Information Sciences, which is now known as SBMI, as her birthday was on that day.

Over the past two decades, the school has evolved in many ways. First, it has seen a couple name changes from the School of Allied Health Sciences to the School of Health Information Sciences and finally the School of Biomedical Informatics. The school has also played host to dozens of innovative faculty members who are subject matter experts in the field of health information technology and informatics. Hundreds of SBMI alumni once roamed the halls of University Center Tower at 7000 Fannin Street or spent countless hours working tireless online to advance their health care careers.

Much like the school’s continuous evolution over the past score, the field of biomedical informatics has grown and advanced too. SBMI has been there each step of the way, which is one of the school’s differentiating factors. Our school has spent the past 20 years outlining, defining and refining education in biomedical informatics.

Memory Lane

Over the past 20 years, the School of Biomedical Informatics has worked extensively to define informatics education. Along the way, our faculty and staff have assisted hundreds of students in learning and exploring what informatics is and why it is so important in the healthcare industry. We ask that you take a moment to explore the history of that journey with our interactive timeline.

Share with us your favorite memory.

We ask for your help in chronicling this milestone. We want alumni, former faculty members and anyone who was once, and still is in our book, part of our community to share their SBMI story. Submit your favorite SBMI memory for our interactive timeline... we want to see what moments are important to you and what SBMI history you have accumulated over the years and, perhaps, decades.


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