Public Health Informatics Certificate Program

There are a total of 5 courses (4 required/1 elective) required for the Certificate in Public Health Informatics, including two sets of courses. The 4 courses listed below are required.

The courses listed below are electives from both schools. Select 1 of the web-based SPH/SBMI courses listed below.


Either PH 1610, PH 2610, HI 5310 or HI 5380 should be taken in the first semester. The other 4 classes can be taken in any order.

Successful completion of the program requires passing each course with a grade of A, B, or C. Students may not earn more than two grades of "C", earning a third grade of "C" results in automatic dismissal from the program. Professionals who complete the course of study will receive a certificate of completion.

If you want to transfer into a degree-seeking program, you must first seek admission to the desired program. If you wish to transfer the credits earned in the Certificate program to a degree granting program you must seek approval of your Masters or PhD advising committee. A course must have been passed with an A or B in order to qualify for transfer credit.