Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics

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The health informatics doctoral program emphasizes the fundamental informatics concepts that transcend and apply to all traditional healthcare disciplines. The program is a post-baccalaureate degree that allows the student to build on previous knowledge and skills to attain the research focus needed for the completion of the degree.

The doctoral degree program requires 93 hours at the graduate level and is only offered as a full-time program. Students usually take twelve semesters to complete the degree.

Classes are scheduled face-to-face in the classroom or online. Most face-to-face classes meet for a 3 hour block of time on Mondays or Wednesdays (exceptions may occur). Students can choose to take classes one day a week or multiple days.

Some classes are available online, giving students more flexibility in completing the coursework. Online courses do not require regular classroom time. Faculty have electronic office hours and are also available by appointment for conferences in person, phone or video. The school uses a course software called MOODLE to deliver courses to the students.

Many classes require participation in the end of semester poster symposium. Students in online classes may meet that requirement through synchronous audio and video connection. The school will assist each student in participating in the poster symposium.

Each doctoral student has an advisory committee consisting of the primary advisor and at least two faculty members from the school along with an outside member. The advisory committee guides the student through advancement to candidacy and defense of dissertation.

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics Curriculum - (Effective Fall 2012)
Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics Curriculum
 - (For students from Fall 2007 to Summer 2012)
Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics Curriculum - (For students who began study prior to Fall 2007)

Please review the admission requirements.

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Advancement to Candidacy

Doctoral students must complete an advancement to candidacy prior to full admission to the doctoral program.  The candidacy exam consists of the written and oral presentation of the student's proposed research topic. For details regarding the rules and procedures, please consult the advancement to candidacy pages.

Contact Information

For more information or questions about the doctoral program, please contact:

Office of Academic Affairs
(713) 500-3591

Craig.W.Johnson, Ph.D.
Coordinator Doctoral Program
(713) 500-3923