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Research Personnel

  •  Director
    Cui Tao
    Cui Tao, Ph.D. FACMI

    Applying semantic and ontology technologies to clinical and biomedical applications; Big data analytics using machine learning and statistical methods

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  •  Faculty Members
    Licong Cui
    Licong Cui, Ph.D.

    Ontologies and terminologies; Big data analytics; Neuroinformatics; Health information extraction and retrieval

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    Muhammad Amith
    Muhammad (Tuan) Amith, Ph.D.

    Consumer health ontologies; Natural language processing; Public health informatics; Network analysis; mHealth

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    Jingcheng Du
    Jingcheng Du, Ph.D.

    Natural language processing; Machine learning; Ontology and semantic web; Social media text mining

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  •  Affiliate Faculty Members
    Degui Zhi
    Degui Zhi, Ph.D.

    Statistical genetics; Next generation sequencing; Data analysis methods; Genomic big data; Machine learning

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    Kayo Fujimoto
    Kayo Fujimoto, Ph.D.

    Social Network Analysis; HIV/AIDS & STI Research; Social Determinants of Health; Health Disparities; MSM Populations

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  •  Research Scientist
    Fang Li
    Fang Li, Ph.D.

    Biomedical knowledge graph and ontology; EHRs data mining; Machine learning; Deep learning


  •  Research Associate and Data Analyst
    Jingna Feng
    Jingna Feng, MS

    Data Management Analyst

    NLP; Data analytics; Data visualization; Social media text mining

    Xinyue Hu
    Xinyue Hu, MS

    Research Associate

    NLP; Machine learning; Data analytics

    Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis, MS

    Data Analyst

    Data analytics; Software development; Bioinformatics

  •  Postdocs
    Rashmie Abeysinghe
    Rashmie Abeysinghe, Ph.D.

    Biomedical informatics; Deep learning; Big data analytics

  •  Graduate Students
    Xinyuan Zhang
    Xinyuan Zhang

    Deep learning; Ontology; Data mining/data analytics

    Jingqi Wang
    Jingqi Wang

    NLP; Machine learning

    Yifang Dang
    Yifang Dang

    Data mining; Social media

    Wei Tao
    Wei Tao

    Data harmonization and integration; Data organization and analytics

    Fengbo Zheng
    Fengbo Zheng

    Biomedical informatics; Biomedical ontology; Big data analytics/data mining

    Meng Zhang
    Meng Zhang
  •  Alumni
    Yang Xiang
    Yang Xiang, Ph.D.

    Deep learning; Natural language processing; Health data analytics

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    Hanxiao Sun
    Hanxiao Sun