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Interactive Machine Learning Package


Statistical natural language processing methods often require large annotated clinical corpora. However, it is time-consuming and costly to create such corpora in the medical domain. Therefore, methods that can efficiently integrate domain knowledge with machine learning processes to quickly build high-quality statistical models with minimum annotation cost would be highly desirable for clinical text processing.

In this study (Interactive machine learning methods for clinical natural language processing, Grant no: NLM 2R01LM010681-05), we propose to investigate interactive machine learning (IML) methods to address these challenges (identified by us (in a prior grant) and others in the field) in clinical NLP. We will develop an IML framework for three NLP related tasks including word sense disambiguation, named entity recognition, and clinical The major goals of the project are to develop IML methods and systems for clinical word sense disambiguation (WSD) and then, to extend these approaches to named entity recognition and clinical.



Datasets being generated in the project will be listed and made available for download once pertinent papers have been published.



We developed Active LEARNER, an AL-enabled annotation system for NER, which is integrated into CLAMP (



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2015, AMIA: Real time active learning study for clinical named entity recognition

2014, AMIA: Applying Active Learning Word Sense Disambiguation in a Real-Time Setting



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