Ryan Ray

Ryan Ray is pursuing a dual master’s degree in Public Health and Health Informatics. Focusing specifically on global health, his interest in biomedical informatics stems from his experience working with clinicians to manage patient information and reduce costs.

He stayed in Sao Paulo, Brazil for ten weeks where he worked at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) Medical School. While there, Ryan researched how psychiatric clinicians viewed electronic health record implementation and learned about the technology behind the university’s mobile health initiatives.

Ryan had to say many positive things about his experience in Brazil:

“I think I have personally grown from living in Brazil.  In the states, I interact with a diverse group of people, but to be a visitor in a foreign country, I really gained another perspective of how to live.  Everything had slight variations, ranging from how people interacted with one another to what people would do for fun.

I miss the people the most from my trip to Brazil.  If it weren’t for the wonderful friendships that I gained, I don’t think I would have the opportunity that I had to explore the country. Brazilian people are friendly and have an easy-going mentality.  Many times when I would find myself stressing about an activity, then I would hear, ‘Don’t worry, relax, and it will be fine.’ Sure enough with some patience things would work out.

During the week, I would work at the hospital with my colleagues, many of whom were slightly older than myself and married with children. On nights and weekends, I would explore Brazil with my housemates.  Thinking of the movie Wedding Crashers, I felt I did the same but instead did study-abroad crashing.  My housemates’ exchange program had planned many trips and outings that I would attend.  A couple of notable experiences were my visits to Rio de Janeiro and Igauzu Falls, where I saw some of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Cristo Redentor (statue of Jesus) and Igauzu Falls.  I had another interesting experience on June 6. While exploring the city, I stumbled upon one of the world’s largest LGBT parades, which had attendance of over 100,000 people.

I believe the fellowship experience has contributed to my overall growth as a healthcare professional because it allowed me to gain multiple perspectives on issues that impact the healthcare industry in general.”