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HI 5300 Introduction to Health Informatics

(web-based and classroom instruction)
3 semester credit hours/meets part of basic informatics component

This introductory graduate-level course covers the discipline of informatics in health care delivery and is designed to be multidisciplinary in nature. The course will focus on the clinical aspects of information technology and provides a broad overview to the nature of information technology, focusing on hardware, software and conceptual models of information. Students will explore different data types and data models specific to their discipline and those that can be shared across disciplines. The focus will be on comparing and contrasting the data types and data models of the different disciplines. Students will be oriented to the various health informatics professional organizations, learn about the entire health information ecosystem and the interrelationships between the component parts of a system, as well as the importance of health information systems within the larger health care delivery system.

All students are required to take HI 5300, Introduction to Health Informatics, in their first semester.