HI 5316 Emerging Technologies for Teaching, Learning, and Research

(web-based instruction)

3 semester credit hours/meets part of basic informatics component 

New technologies offer new opportunities for health educators and health professionals to increase learner engagement, patient satisfaction, and improve the overall value of their learning experience. The last five years have resulted in the introduction of numerous new tools and approaches: blogs, wikis, podcasts, virtual worlds, mobile technologies, and social networking services. This course will explore the development of different technologies and suggest their potential impact on teaching, learning, and research in health sciences. Focus will be placed on theories that are crucial for designing next generation technologies and tools that increase learner control over content, interaction, and the information of learning networks with peers and experts in healthcare. At the end of this course, you will be able to assess and critique technology-rich learning products, design technology-enabled activities that take advantage of the new technologies, and implement appropriate technologies in real world situations.