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HI 6317 Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Health Informatics

(web-based and classroom instruction)
(2 hours lecture/3 hours laboratory)
3 semester credit hours/ meets part of advanced informatics competencies
Prerequisites: HI 5300 or concurrent enrollment

Technical skills that you develop in the informatics program at SBMI will be invaluable. But, one of the critical gaps most students don’t address are those skills necessary to lead people. At some point in your career, you will need to get things done through other people, or you may want to make your invention a reality and start a new technology venture. In this new class, taught by an academic entrepreneur who has started several companies, you will learn about Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurialism.

There is a significant need in the healthcare IT industry for innovators and those that can take their ideas from concept to reality. Business planning, project management, and many other areas will be focused on this semester to help you think about your own informatics venture. This course will help you develop skills needed to get to the next level of your career.