Master of Science in Health Informatics Curriculum

For students who began study prior to Fall 2007

List of courses to meet the degree requirements in a masters program in Health Informatics. The matrix may be flexible in your choice of courses. With your advisors permission, you may take more basic courses than indicated.

Basic InformaticsResearch InformaticsAdvanced InformaticsOther Requirements
HI 5300 Introduction to Health Informatics
HI 5350 Evaluation in Health Informatics HI 6300 Advanced Health Information Systems Support courses 6 hrs.
HI 5301 Health Information systems in the Delivery of Health Care HI 5351 Research and Evaluation in Health Informatics HI 6301 Health Data Display HI 6000 Practicum 6 hrs.
HI 5302 Cognitive Science in Health Informatics HI 5352 Statistical Solutions for Health Informatics Problems HI 6302 Knowledge Modeling I HI 7000 Preceptorship 9 hrs.
HI 5303 Decision Making in Health Care HI 5353 Data Analysis HI 6303 Intro to Telehealth HI 9999 Dissertation 9 hrs.
HI 5304 Advanced Database Concepts HI 5354 Cognitive Engineering I in Health Informatics HI 6304 Consultation in Health Informatics Hi 7050 Research in Health Informatics 21 hrs.
HI 5305 Legal Ethical Issues in Health Informatics HI 5341 Learning Environment Development in Health Science HI 6305 Social Dynamics and Health Informatics HI 7150 Research Seminar 3 hrs.
HI 5306 Health Information Systems Security HI 6351 Triangulation Methods in Health Informatics HI 6306 Information & Knowledge Representation in HI
HI 5307 Systems Analysis for Health Informatics HI 5370 Methods in Computational Biomedicine HI 6307 Cognitive Engineering II
HI 5308 Object Oriented Systems Development in Health Informatics HI 7301 Grant Writing HI 6308 Consumer Informatics
HI 5309 Intro to Clinical Healthcare HI 6309 Healthcare Interface Design
HI 5310 Fundamentals of Health Information Sciences I HI 6310 Knowledge Modeling II
HI 5311 Fundamentals of Health Information Sciences II HI 6311 Advanced Decision Analysis I
HI 5312 Information Technology for Biomedicine HI 6312 Project Management in Healthcare
HI 5313 Introduction to Electronic Health Records HI 6313 Scientific Writing in Healthcare
HI 6320 Intro to Computational Biomedicine HI 6314 Knowledge Acquisition
HI 5321 Biomedical Signal processing HI 6320 Intro to Computational Aspects of Bioinformatics
HI 5323 Image Processing HI 6321 Applied Computational Biomedicine
HI 5340 Intro to Learning Environments in Health Science HI 6322 Advanced Topics in Computational Biomedicine
HI 5001 Topics in Health Informatics HI 6323 Datamining in Bioinformatics
HI 6324 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
HI 6326 Computational Structural Biology
HI 6327 Biomolecular Modeling
HI 6000/7000 Topics in Health Informatics
Masters 9 hours Masters 6 hours  Masters 15 hours  Masters 12 hours 
Doctoral 9 hours  Doctoral 15 hours  Doctoral 21 hours Doctoral 48 hours

Students have to pass each course with a grade of A or B. If more than 2 grades of C, F or WF are earned including concurrent/interinstitutional enrollment the result will be automatic dismissal.

Successful completion of the program consists of coursework and a publication quality paper.

Students who wish to transfer to the doctoral program must first seek admission to the program. Students must seek approval from your advising committee. Students must have earned a grade of A or B to be eligible to transfer the course.