SBMI spring 2018 scholarship winners

SBMI would like to congratulate our recent scholarship winners for spring 2018. We thank all students who applied, as well. These are the recipients:

Neuosoft Certificate Scholarship

  • Elisabeth Becker – Certificate Student
  • Evan Cohen – Certificate Student
  • Bejier Edwards – Certificate student
  • Garrett Hall – Certificate student

James T. Willerson Endowed Scholarship

  • Scott Malec – Ph.D. Student

SBMI Scholarship Excellence Fund

  • Maryam Garza – Ph.D. Student

Doris Ross Scholarship

  • Olanrewaju Ikpeekha – M.S. Student
  • Sreedevi Nair – M.S. Student
  • Deep Pujara – M.S. Student
  • Michael Roa – M.S. Student

SBMI’s Student Governance Organization (SGO) also awarded SBMI Student Governance Scholarships this spring and those recipients are:

  • Johnny Bender – Dual Degree M.S. Student
  • Daniel Enwere – M. S. Student
  • Danilo Pena – M.S. Student


If you have questions, please send an email to or call 713.500.3591.