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GRA Position

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Position - Data Annotation/Curation

Job Description:
As a GRA, you will be responsible for data annotation/curation for different data sources: electronic health records, radiology reports, biomedical literature, FDA drug labels, etc.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with clinical terms, entities, and other dependent factors (such as treatment efficacy or lack thereof). You must be able to follow detailed directions and document your results. You need to use expertise in clinical documentation to annotate medical notes (encounters, discharge summaries etc.) for our machine learning model. This position requires an individual who has strong work and research ethics, is dependable and accountable, and can work both independently and as part of a team.


  • Bachelor's degree (preferably in Healthcare or relevant field) or equivalent work experience
  • Enrolled at UTHealth graduate program
  • Any interested applicants should contact Research Coordinator Pritham Ram to apply.