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Postdoctoral Researcher (Two Positions) – Kim

Position Description:

We have two available positions for postdoctoral researchers for bioinformatics studies.

One researcher should have expertise in multi-omics data analysis with matured skills of next-generation sequencing data analysis including calling SNV, CNV, SVs, and gene fusion. This researcher will perform the statistical analyses to annotate the bioinformatics study results and work to develop novel bioinformatics tools.

The other researcher should have expertise in machine learning and deep learning approaches. The researcher should have the experience of a machine learning method applied to biological questions with deep understanding. This researcher will develop tools for predicting virtual protein binding sites on DNA and RNA using deep learning approaches.

If you have interest, please send an email to Assistant Professor Pora Kim, PhD, MS including your CV, abstract of your Ph.D. thesis, and the contact information of at least two references.

More details can be found at