Ergin Soysal, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Ergin Soysal, MD, Ph.D. has extended experience on healthcare sector both as a physician and informatician. He earned his medical degree in Hacettepe University and completed his residency in urology in Ankara University. During his residency, challenges of extraction of research data directed him to natural language processing on clinical narratives. He decided to continue his career in health informatics since this field was more interesting as an opportunity to create a globally noticeable improvement in healthcare. He completed his Ph.D. Training in Middle East Technical University on natural language processing in clinical domain.

His research mainly focuses on extraction of valuable clinical data from clinical narratives, which are not available as structured and coded data. Besides, natural language processing (NLP), he is also interested in data integration in the context of medical terminologies and ontologies, and translational aspects of NLP in daily healthcare practice. He has been working on several healthcare quality and safety measures for a couple of years including identification of venous thromboembolic events and identification of several patient safety indicators such accidental intraoperative puncture or laceration.

Phone: 713.500.3621

Staff Support

Yukiko Bryson
Phone: 713.500.3992


  • MD, 1993, Hacettepe University, Turkey
  • PhD, 2010, Natural Language Processing, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical Natural Language Processing
  • Information Extraction
  • Medical Terminologies and Ontologies
  • Translational Medicine