Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center


HIPAA Training Course

The Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center (GCREC) HIPAA Training course will give participants the knowledge required to handle patients and Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAAs (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy and Security directives. HIPAA Training is for anyone that handles PHI and is required every two years to be in compliance with HIPAA directives.

HIPAA Privacy

  • Introduction to the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Definition of Protected Health Information
  • Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Authorized Use & Disclosure of PHI
  • Privacy Practices
  • Patient Rights
  • Breach Notification Rule
  • OCR Audits
  • Enforcement

HIPAA Security

  • Introduction to the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Physical Security
  • Technical Security
  • Administrative Security
  • Workforce Clearance Procedure

Our course offers several benefits, including:

  • Open Registration
  • 100% online instruction
  • Self-paced course with two months’ timeframe for completion
  • Certificate of Completion provided
  • In compliance with HIPAA Training requirements for two years

Discounted Group Rates available, please contact us for more information.