Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center

Success Story


Critical Access Hospital in Anahuac Achieves Meaningful Use

ANAHUAC, TEXAS — Nurses, hospital staff and representatives of Bayside Community Hospital were honored in a Meaningful Use Vanguard ceremony as early adopters of EHR software.

“We were fortunate to have a CEO who saw the benefit of embracing the future and putting forth the resources to make sure they have the best possible system,” said Theresa Cheaney, CFO of Bayside Community Hospital, “This is the future of healthcare.”

They experienced issues along the way – hiring consultants who provided long boiler plate reports and failed to support them – and needed help and guidance.

celebrating-achievement“We have learned the hard way that the initial set up and implementation is the most important part of the process. We have had to overcome numerous problems because our system was not set up properly and our personnel were not trained properly,” said Cheaney, “In addition, our vendor has not been easy to work with in addressing these issues.”

Once they signed up with the Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center (GCREC), the implementation process went smoother.

“The value provided by GCREC was unparalleled. They offer 180 hours of their time for a very minimal fee and these hours could be used in any capacity we needed to accomplish meeting the meaningful use criteria,” said Cheaney.

“In our case we needed GCREC to become a liaison between us and our vendor. They scheduled meetings which included not only our small Meaningful Use Committee and GCREC, but also our vendor, and kept everyone informed about what needed to be done. They made sure we all stayed on track and offered some great advice about how to overcome some of our obstacles.”

The staff discussed the advantage of having an electronic health record over paper records. “We are gathering more complete patient data which will then be available to us whenever we access that patient’s record again, assuring that there is a continuity of care,” said Cheaney.

The Bayside staff is very appreciative of the services of the GCREC. Cheaney said, “It is very cost effective, they have demonstrated exceptional ability to assist in managing the project so that everyone stays on target, and it feels great to have the assurance that we did this the right way.”

Bayside Community Hospital has been in continuous operation for going on 60 years now, providing for the emergency and general acute care needs of Chambers County and the surrounding communities. Recognized by the Texas Rural Association in 2002 with the “Community that Cares” award, and again in 2005 by the Texas Medical Foundation with the “Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality Improvement,” Bayside Community Hospital was the only institutional provider in Chambers County open and operating before, during and after both Hurricane Rita in 2005, and Hurricane Ike in 2008. Bayside Community Hospital offers the only state designated Trauma Center (Emergency Room) in Chambers County.