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Success Story


Celebrating Achievement: Dr. Tarsem and Dr. Mandy Dhesi

Doctors Mandy and Tarsem Dhesi, at Champions Willowbrook Family Practice, were honored in a MUVer ceremony celebrating their achievement in going paperless.

“We have been paperless since January 2011. We could not have accomplished this task without the help of the Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center. Our consultant Sandra Wiegand was very helpful in helping us attest to Meaningful Use. Her numerous visits and calls on short notice showed great customer service and patience,” says Dora Herrara, office manager at Champions Willowbrook Family Practice.

a-good-dealDr. Tarsem Dhesi feels that it was hard at first, because of his limited computer ability, but soon got up to speed by implementing a workflow care team approach. “We utilized my medical assistants more while I focused on caring for the patient, therefore instead of typing while my patient was talking, I give the patient my undivided attention while my medical assistant fills details such as weight, blood pressure and provides a detailed summary of the visit," says Dr. Tarsem Dhesi, "By involving my medical assistant, she is more familiar with the patients profile when they call in and better able to help assess issues when I am not there. I can see the value in the years to come when all the kinks in the system are fixed. In the long run, the ease of not just having a snapshot, but the whole record available will benefit both the patient and doctors."

Dr. Mandy Dhesi likes the ease of access to her patient’s records. "I like the fact that I can navigate the EHR system with ease when accessing medical records of my patients. I may be working on the records of one patient and get a call about another patient and immediately can pull them up instead of having a chart pulled. I can also sign off in the system of orders instead of going from chart to chart," says Dr. Mandy Dhesi.

In addition to a patient centered care team approach on EHR implementation, Dr. Tarsem Dhesi says, "taking on the cost of implementing an EHR system is expensive but the help from the GCREC have helped us qualify for government incentives which has helped us tremendously. We are currently working with our EHR vendor to further assist us in integrating our system to help improve patient care." One key aspect shared by office manager Dora Herrera is upgrading our laboratory system where we can request and receive results. "We have one aspect of our laboratory portal working but when can both request and receive results it will provide a tremendous improvement in work flow.”

Dr. Tarsem and Dr. Mandy Dhesi are very appreciative of the services of the GCREC. Dr. Mandy Dhesi says, "We have received a great deal of consulting through this process which is not easy, but something we have to do. In the long run, EHR will help us run our offices more efficiently and improve the quality of care we provide our patients.”

Doctors Mandy and Tarsem Dhesi, at Champions Willowbrook Family Practice have practiced medicine in the United Kingdom and Canada, but for the past 30 years in the northwest Houston Community. Dr. Tarsem graduated from the Victoria University of Manchester in Lancashire, United Kingdom in 1973. He went on to successfully fulfill his residency requirements from Huddensfield Royal Infirmary, United Kingdom in 1975. Dr. Mandy graduated from Queens University of Belfast Medical School in Belfast Northern Ireland in 1975.  She went on to fulfill her residence requirements from the University of Belfast in 1978.