Certificate/Non-Degree Program Roadmap

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Follow the Instructions and Admission Requirements on the Office of Registrar’s website to submit your application
In two separate emails you will find a username and a password for myUTH, an online system for tracking receipt of your documents
When your application is complete, myUTHwill list your status as “pending.”
SBMI Academic Affairs will contact you with the admission decision. When admitted, you will find in the letter of admission instructions for completing the New Student Orientation.

After Application

  • Check your to-do list in myUTH for items you need to address.  You will need to complete those items in order to register for classes.  If you have questions about any of the items, please contact Academic Affairs
  • Residency Status Questionnaire (pdf).  SEND TO registrar@uth.tmc.edu.  Please do not fax.
  • Immunization Form.  SEND TO Student Health Clinic.  Fax # 713-500-0605. 
  • Go to the Criminal Background Check policy and follow the directions to apply for your criminal background screening.
  • Student Insurance:  Follow the instructions given in your Student Center in myUTH
  • Provide any documents, scores, etc. to meet the conditions that may be listed in your Letter of Admission.
The New Student Orientation must be completed in order to enroll for courses.
  • You have to clear your criminal background check to release your identity management hold so you will have access to your student email account before you can start the New Student Orientation.
  • Please go to the Learning Management System and log in using your LDAP account (same as MyUTH login and student email login).
  • Click on the “Join this course” link to start the new student orientation.
  • Complete the entire orientation online.
  • Submit the New Student Orientation Checklist, the Health & Safety Orientation acknowledgement form, and the User Responsibilities & Accountability acknowledgement form to the Office of Academic Affairs.  These items may be submitted as email attachments to SBMIAcademics@uth.tmc.edu  or faxed to (713) 500-0360.
  • Visit and review the course offerings list.
  • Contact Dr. Robert Vogler, 713-486-0119, or Jaime Hargrave, 713-500-3920, for help in selecting courses.  For those that require instructor approval to enroll, contact the appropriate instructor.    
  • Contact Academic Affairs with instructor permission to get the approval code to register. 
  • Record your courses 
Register & pay fees in myUTH.   Contact the appropriate office for any remaining holds.  Contact Academic Affairs if problems clearing holds persist.
Check the textbook list for the current semester and buy the required textbooks before class begins.
You will log in to Moodle using your LDAP ID, which consists of a user name and a password.  The Registrar’s Office provided your user name when your application was processed.  It usually consists of the first letter of your first name followed by your last name and perhaps a number.  You’ll need to contact the Help Desk at 713-486-4848 to get your password reset.  Use that user name and password combination to log in to Moodle.  Log into Moodle to create your user profile (please upload a picture of yourself that meets the passport photo requirements). Your enrollment status will not be updated until your Moodle profile is created.
Get an ID badge for building access from the Bursar’s Office on the 22nd floor of the University Center Tower building.  Contact Jaime Hargrave (UCT 800, 713-500-3920) for access to SBMI-specific areas.