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Optum’s Clinformatics® Data Mart

Optum’s Clinformatics® Data Mart (CDM) is derived from a database of administrative health claims for members of large commercial and Medicare Advantage health plans. The database includes approximately 17-19 million annual covered lives, for a total of over 68 million unique lives over a 9 year period (1/2007 through 9/2019). Clinformatics® Data Mart is statistically de-identified under the Expert Determination method consistent with HIPAA and managed according to Optum® customer data use agreements. CDM administrative claims submitted for payment by providers and pharmacies are verified, adjudicated and de-identified prior to inclusion. This data, including patient-level enrollment information, is derived from claims submitted for all medical and pharmacy health care services with information related to health care costs and resource utilization. The population is geographically diverse, spanning all 50 states.