Texas Fetal Center

The Requirements

In 2012, we were approached by Dr. Kenneth Moise of the Texas Fetal Center with a request for assistance.  He wanted to recreate an Access Database previously available to the TFC at their prior institution.  Specific requirements for the new application included improved form design, elimination of the dual data capture process, file upload capability at the patient record level and the ability to create standard reports without technical support.   Dr. Moise envisioned being able to capture surgery data at the source, the operating room, using tablets as the data entry tool.  The system should be accessible via the Internet to allow for 24/7 access to authorized users. 

The Challenge

Create a web application which can:

  • be used on both a laptop and/or a tablet
  • uses Memorial Hermann’s wireless infrastructure
  • securely transmits and stores PHI
  • enforces data quality rules

The Result

The initial launch of the Texas Fetal System occurred in July of 2013 and was favorably received by the staff at Texas Fetal Center.  During development, both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy were evaluated for operability.  Built to operate on both Windows or tablet platforms, the final product is a complex system supporting 18 major data forms and several hundred data elements.   Drop down selection lists ensure data consistency and provide the data recorder with a quick method for documenting the details of the surgical procedure.