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Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW)

What is the CDW?

The Clinical Data Warehouse is intended to provide UTHealth investigators with a single source for obtaining access to vast amounts of clinical data available in various systems. The data can be used for multiple research tasks including preparatory research, cohort identification, and data mining on clinical records. In addition to research, the system may also be used for Quality Improvement projects. As a member of the CCTS consortium, BIG’s goal is to help develop standardized processes for Comparative Effectiveness, Quality Improvement, and Drug Safety Research that will ensure compliance with regulatory requirements associated with accessing ePHI data.

What is i2b2? 

i2b2 is a project sponsored by the NIH Roadmap National Centers for Biomedical Computing. i2b2 software is the backbone of our CDW and serves two important purposes:

  • Support de-identified browsing of patient data to allow easy identification of patient cohorts
  • Allow for creation of limited sets of patient data ("Data Marts"), containing only the data needed for a particular research project. 

Together, these tasks promote the rapid development of research projects while protecting Personal Health Information. 

What information is available? 

Click here for summarized statistics on the data we collect.
Currently, information from UT Physician's outpatient practice (Allscripts), UT Physician's billing database (IDX), and UT Dental Branch's billing and imaging data (AXIUM) is available. 


Process for Data Access

Researchers interested in using CDW data for a clinical study will first need to complete a Request For Data form. The request will be sent to BIG-ARC for review; if the request is research oriented and involves PHI, IRB approval will be needed. After approval, our team will begin processing the data request, communicating preliminary results to the researcher(s) to facilitate data quality and validation assessments. We provide follow-up support to researchers on issues such as data management and use. 

Read Access to Clinical Data for a description of the request process and the related HIPAA requirements.

Clinical Data Warehouse ETL Process