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What is the doctorate in health informatics?

  • The Doctorate in Health Informatics (DHI) is the only terminal degree of its kind & built for healthcare informatics professionals.
  • The curriculum is curated specifically for executive- and management-level individuals in the healthcare field.
  • McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics at UTHealth Houston is recognized as a HIMSS Approved Education Partner (AEP) and the DHI degree is from an accredited institution.
  • The DHI allows students to learn critical evidence-based practice skills and apply those to a project at their organization.
  • In lieu of a research-centric dissertation, DHI students write a translational project paper outlining the evidence-based practice review, the project setting and design, and the corresponding results.

Difference between DHI Projects and PhD Dissertations

Translational Research based Research based
No hypothesis testing Hypothesis testing
Follows the Project Management Institute framework Creates new scientific evidence
Evidence-based practice project Dissertation format
Focused on an organizational problem Generalizable knowledge

What makes McWilliams' DHI program unique?

  • Curriculum designed specifically for working healthcare professionals
  • Four-year program with flexible curriculum for each DHI student
  • Cohort-based program with multiple cohorts studying currently
  • 63 credit hours to completion for students with an appropriate MS degree
  • In lieu of a research-centric dissertation, students write a translational project paper
  • Network with leaders in the informatics industry
  • Engage with peers throughout the healthcare field

Competitive scholarships allow students living outside of Texas to earn in-state tuition

Why It’s Better

Picture of certificate
Curriculum Designed for Professionals
Picture of a piggy bank
Scholarships Available
Picture of a person messaging on a computer
Flexible, Online Learning Environment

Picture of people networking
Network with Industry Leaders
Picture of a institute
An Accredited Institution
Picture of project manager tools
Large-Scale Translational Project


TX Resident

Is the DHI Program Right For Me?

  • Looking for an online, part-time terminal degree
  • If you have 3 years of informatics related management experience
  • If you have informatics or IT experience in healthcare
  • If you’re looking for a project-based, terminal degree
  • If you want to add value to your organization
  • If you want to be recognized for your expertise
  • If you want to receive industry certification or credentials

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Updated: 2/5/2024