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Alumni Spotlight: Adriana Stanley

Alumni Spotlight - Sarah Edmonson

What did you do prior to attending (what is now known as) SBMI?
Prior to attending SBMI, I was working at HP Enterprise services in Dallas in a computer networking graduate development program.

What drew you to health informatics? How did you initially get into the field?
I was drawn to health informatics because I was a biology major working in the computer side of a corporation and there wasn’t much crossover with my academic training and my everyday work. I sought out a place where I would fit better my career goals and my need to do something that helped people and found SBMI.

How has the field changed since you graduated?
Graduated in May with master’s and started Ph.D. in June.

What did you do after graduating, and where are you now?
I graduated in May with my master’s degree and started my Ph.D. degree in this summer semester so I’m learning how my research in handoff quality improvement fits into the greater field of health informatics.

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