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Alumni Spotlight: Evan Bernard, MS

Evan BernardEvan Bernard, MS earned his master’s degree from SBMI in 2016. He currently works for Memorial Hermann Health System as a Senior Clinical Data Management Analyst.

Tell us about the tools you use at MHHS in your position.
My role at Memorial Hermann is to analyze big data to improve infection prevention processes. Currently, my projects are driven to predict and reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs) across the system. To do this, I frequently use Tableau (for analysis, decision-making, and creating monthly reports), SQL (for data extraction and database design), and statistical software.

Why was SBMI the ideal place for you to earn your graduate education?

  1. SBMI appeared the most times in my Google search for graduate programs. I saw the school’s name and students in many conferences, media outlets, and academic publications.
  2. I had a strong background in public health and wanted to integrate that knowledge with informatics. SBMI tailored my courses and experiences to public health informatics. Although I am not in the public health sector now, I appreciated the versatile curriculum for students who plan to enter the informatics field. Also, having the option to take courses at UTHealth’s School of Public Health to use for my degree an added bonus.

Who was your academic advisor while you were a student and how did he or she influence you?
Dr. Yang Gong was an amazing advisor. He was a supportive mentor who was knowledgeable of this field and the program. I appreciated his availability and detail to my academic goals. Dr. Angela Ross was another huge influence who helped guide my professional goals.

What class or classes did you most enjoy at SBMI? Can you explain why you benefitted from them?
Dr. Jim Langabeer’s Advanced Decision Analysis (BMI 6311) course was my favorite. This course was insightful because it explained how impactful and data-driven health organizations are becoming. We were taught to analyze data not only as data scientists but also as operational leaders.

Pretend the year is 2013…what advice would you give yourself?
Start learning a programming language. You will not need to become an expert programmer but it will help you think in a new, structured way.

In 10 words or less, tell us how SBMI students can find success in informatics like you.
Stay persistent. Always showcase your knowledge. Remain active in organizations.

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