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How Health IT is Advancing Collaborative Care

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

2016 is fast approaching and according to NY Daily News, it will be the year of remote doctor check-ins and health monitoring via apps. This should come as no surprise as advances in health IT have given way to faster and more convenient ways for patients to care for themselves or for clinicians to care for patients from a distance.

Collaborative care is centered around the notion that various connections are needed to help a clinician and a patient work in unison to improve the quality of care the patient receives. This can manifest in technologies like emails or texts with appointment reminders and telehealth initiatives for patients living in rural areas or for those who need to see a specialist. Technology is at the core of these examples and others that are revolutionizing the way patients and providers connect.

CDW Healthcare recently developed this infographic to explore how important health IT is to the advancement of collaborative care and they ways in which it is evolving to meet patient needs.

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