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The Benefits of Increased Online Access

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

The health care industry is continually metamorphosing in order to keep up with current trends. If you can catch a ride, watch a movie or order groceries online, it makes sense for you to have access to your health information online too. To satisfy the insatiable desire to instantly have information, which already has the potential to shape the future of the health care, more and more providers are giving their patients the power to access, and even edit, their health records.

SBMI’s Associate Dean for Applied Informatics & Associate Professor, Robert Murphy, M.D., recently participated in a FOX 26 News Health Watch interview and he discussed the benefits of using online patient portals to access health information. The benefits extend to both patient and provider. Having 24/7 access to health information helps patients as they stay more informed about their health care and can be proactive with items like scheduling appointments, prescription drug compliance, updating record inaccuracies etc. Giving access to health information benefits providers also as they can earn incentive payments by helping their patients access information, which is a Meaningful Use requirement in Stage 2.

This week’s infographics blog post dives into the growing number of providers who have given their patients access to electronic health information and how this information is transforming the provider-patient relationship.

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