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Where Can Health Informatics Take You?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

When prospective students want to learn more about SBMI, our admissions staff members often get this question; “What kinds of jobs can I get after completing this program?” While this is a very important item to consider before starting a new graduate program, the correct answer to that question is unique to each individual asking it.

Biomedical informatics is interdisciplinary and draws in professionals from a wide range of fields. As a result, individuals from an array of industries can find career advancement in the field. While current or recent work experience plays a role in the types of careers available to our students, educational background, past work history and areas of interest in informatics are important too.

So let’s revisit the original question we often hear from prospective SBMI students; “What kinds of jobs can I get after completing this program?” There are many resources available to help answer that question in great detail. Here are some resources for determining what types of careers the field of informatics has to offer you:

  • Using AHIMA’s Career Map can help you evaluate potential career opportunities based on your skills and skill level. It even details what types of careers are current or emerging and what paths are available with respect to promotions and logical career transitions.
  • HIMSS offers an online file with health care IT job descriptions. This tool is helpful as it allows readers to explore the variety of professional opportunities available in the industry. It even details what types of characteristics a person with that position might hold and what qualifications and experience are needed.
  • Have you seen a “dream job” listing for an informatics position but wondered if you have the skills to apply? Jobscan is a resume optimizer that is built similarly to job matching algorithms. You can input the content from your resume and input a job description to determine how well suited your resume is in applying to that informatics position.

Over the past two years, SBMI’s enrollment has doubled as new students join the program in hopes of landing a new career or finding advancement in their current role. Using the tools above can give those students, and even potential students, a better understanding of where they fit in within the field of informatics.