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BMI 5317 Applied Data Management

3 semester credit hours
Lecture contact hours: 2; Lab contact hours: 3
Web-based instruction
Prerequisites: BMI 5300 or consent of the instructor.
Lab Fee: $30

This course provides an introduction and broad orientation to health care data management. Students are introduced to computer programming languages such as R and Structured Query Language (SQL) and have the opportunity to complete module assignments to demonstrate basic competencies. Selected course assignments help students gain skills and experience using Excel. Real-world or simulated data sets are used for most module assignments to help students gain an appreciation of the complexity of health data and how data are used in a learning health organization. Students have the experience to complete a data governance project.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • Demonstrate the use of basic SQL commands when using health data organized in a relational database.
  • Learn the basic syntax of R for data visualization and statistical analysis using health care data.
  • Explore Excel features and functionalities to complete calculations and create data visualizations.
  • Develop a data governance policy.

Updated: 4/30/2024