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BMI 5353 Biomedical Data Analysis

3 semester credit hours
Lecture contact hours: 2; Lab contact hours: 3
Web-based and classroom instruction
Prerequisite: BMI 5007 or consent of instructor
Lab Fee: $30

This course provides an overview of the data analysis process, with particular attention paid to the data quality issues encountered with biomedical data. The course will cover the entire data analysis pipeline from needs analysis to presentation of final results. The course is primarily project-based. The projects will cover a wide variety of biomedical data, including bioinformatics, clinical, public health, and literature datasets. Students will implement their analysis in Python and present their work in a variety of presentation formats.

Course Learning Objectives: After taking BMI 5353, students will:

  • Describe the complete data analysis pipeline, from initial need to final presentation of results
  • Assess the data needs of a proposed analysis project
  • Prepare raw data to be ready for data analysis, including accessing data, structuring it, and handling data quality issues
  • Utilize several data analysis methods to a wide variety of biomedical datasets
  • Evaluate the results of a data analysis within the context of the needs assessment
  • Construct an effective argument to put the results of the data analysis into practice