BMI 6318 - Big Data in Biomedical Informatics

(web-based and classroom instruction)
3 semester credit hours/meets part of the advanced informatics competencies
Prerequisites: BMI 5007 or Consent of instructor

This course will expose students to the technologies used to solve 'Big Data' problems in biomedicine and healthcare. Through hands-on exercises, students will learn how to distill actionable information from very large data leveraging multiple machines. Students will gain exposure to the data science toolboxes for processing data sets with distributed algorithms, apply machine learning models in this context, and evaluate and report on the analysis.

Students will be working with modern data science tools, allowing them to:

  • Structure extremely large datasets for input and output
  • Design a data analysis pipeline using 'big data'
  • Map from business needs to a proposed analytical design using a very large dataset
  • Evaluate the results and utility of data analysis
  • Make an effective argument of the results related to the needs