BMI 7351 Evidence-based Health Informatics Practice

3 semester credit hours/meets part of DHI core competencies
(2 hours lecture/3 hours laboratory)
Web-based instruction
Prerequisite:BMI 5300

Required for doctoral students. Enrollment only open to DHI students.

In this course the doctoral student will learn the importance of evidence for the advancement of Informatics practice, improvement of varied outcomes, and advancement of the information technology to support a learning health system. The student will apply skills to focus on the current urgency of evidence application to practice, and have a hands on illustration of how to appraise, summarize and translate evidence to support recommendations for quality improvement and sustainment in a learning health system. In addition, this course is intended to update and enhance evidence?based practice knowledge and process for conducting a search, critiquing, and evaluating research publications. Students will learn to perform an electronic literature search from electronic databases and assess, investigate and recommend informatics practice using an evidence?based practice methodology.