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BMI 7361 Vendor Relations and Contract Negotiation

3 semester credit hours/meets part of DHI core competencies
Lecture contact hours: 2; Lab contact hours: 3
Web-based instruction
Prerequisite: BMI 5300
Required for DHI students

Required for doctoral students. Enrollment only open to DHI students.

In this course the doctoral student will have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to effectively manage vendors and negotiate contracts. Through hands on exercises, students will learn the role of governance to oversee contractual, financial, and service delivery performance that can improve outcomes within projects, programs, and the overall organization portfolio. This governance can be built into the relationship from the onset of the engagement to improve the overall health of the relationship and maximize value for current and future engagements. Students will develop an integrated understanding of how vendors are chosen, motivated and managed, as well as strong contract negotiation skills.