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HI 5371 – Business and Technical Writing

(web-based instruction)
3 semester credit hours/meets part of the advanced informatics components
Class limited to 15 students

This course provides the advanced skills necessary to write a full range of business documents, including letters, memos, emails, technical and non-technical user guides, training documentation, system documentation and application tip sheets, as well as policy, governance, and decision briefs.  The reason for and appropriate uses of each of these types of documents will be examined.  There will also be an introduction to scientific writing, which will be compared and contrasted with business writing.  Students will also learn to evaluate literature and evidence for publication bias and appropriateness. The course covers the purpose of each of these components, discusses properties that distinguish good components from bad, and presents techniques for producing high-quality business or scientific writing. Students will apply these techniques by examining selected documents and published papers, producing their own writing, and critiquing the writing of others in class.