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Graduate Research Assistant Position

Position Description:

Multiple research projects are available for GRA and Postdoctoral researchers at SAFE/CPH with Dr. Arif Harmanci. Projects involve developing new methods using multimodal/high-throughput databases in following:

  • Statistical genetics
  • Federated Machine Learning
  • Single cell biology, Cancer Biology
  • Algorithm reformulation/refactoring


  • Integrate into a highly collaborative and very dynamic research team consisting multiple laboratories
  • Perform exploratory analysis and build hypothesis
  • Develop cutting edge statistical/ML tools for solving problems
  • Written and oral communication of results, manuscript drafting, and building presentations for weekly meetings and for disseminating results


  • Established coding skills preferably in R/Python/C/C++
  • Understanding of statistical concepts and/or machine learning concepts
  • Ability to use a development environment in Linux/Jupyter or similar platforms
  • Able to integrate into fast-paced projects in a large team of researchers
  • Ability to use external libraries using repository management tools, communicate with other developers
  • Good written communication skills

Interested Applicants:
Email following to [email protected]

  • Current CV
  • One paragraph of which project you would like to work in

The positions are available through multiple projects funded by multiple agencies and will be filled on a regular basis.