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Financial Information
2009-2011 Student Handbook

Optional and Mandatory Fees Mandatory Fees Tuition Fees and Charges
Graduation Fee Laboratory Fees Student Service Fee Tuition and Fees Payment Policy
Professional Liability Insurance Financial Aid Competitive Academic Scholarship Awards
Summary of Estimated Annual Fees Estimated Program Expenses

Optional and Mandatory Fees

Certain mandatory and optional fees should be anticipated at the School of Health Information Sciences. Mandatory fees are required of all students. Optional fees are not required, but the student may elect to subscribe to any of the services listed under optional fees. All fees are subject to change without notice.

The Texas Legislature does not set the specific amount for any particular student fee. The student fees assessed above are authorized by state statute; however, the specific fee amounts and the determination to increase fees are made by the University administration and The University of Texas System Board of Regents and become effective on the date enacted and apply to all current and future students.

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Mandatory Fees

Application fee:
Any prospective student submitting an application to the school for consideration must also submit a non-refundable $30.00 application fee. This fee is assessed to cover the cost of processing the application.

Registration fee:
Accepted students must submit a deposit of $50.00 to ensure a place in the entering class. The $50.00 is applicable to the tuition and fees at the time of registration. All but $15.00 of this deposit is refundable should the student not register for the semester in which he/she is accepted.

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Beginning 2009-2011, Texas resident tuition is $146 per semester credit hour. Non-resident tuition is $573 per semester credit hour. Pursuant to the state statute, a portion of tuition is now designated for capital renewal, deferred maintenance, and bond retirement for the construction of new buildings. Tuition and fees are subject to change according to the actions of the Texas Legislature or The University of Texas System Board of Regents and become effective on the date enacted.

Tuition for each semester is due at the time of registration. Payment of tuition and fees may be made using one of the following alternatives: (1) full payment of tuition and fees in advance of the beginning of the semester, or (2) one-half payment of tuition and fees in advance of the beginning of the semester and separate one-fourth payments prior to the start of the sixth and eleventh class weeks. A $15 installment use fee will be assessed each semester a student utilizes payment alternative. A late payment fee of $15 will be applicable to initial payments. A $10 charge will be assessed for any subsequent late installment payment and a student may be withdrawn from the School if appropriate (see below). A student who fails to provide full payment of tuition and fees, including any incidental fees, by the due date may be prohibited from continuing enrollment and subsequent registration for classes until full payment is made.

A student who fails to make payment prior to the end of the semester may be denied credit for the work done during the semester. University records may be adjusted to reflect the failure of the student to have properly enrolled for that semester. UTHSC-H will not release grades, grant any degree, or issue an official transcript for any student who fails to pay tuition and fees or other debts owed to UTHSC-H.

Based on state law, a resident doctoral student will be charged nonresident tuition rates for all attempted hours beyond a total of 100 or more semester credit hours of doctoral work. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

In general, residence in Texas for tuition purposes for an individual over 18 years of age is established if the individual has been gainfully employed within the state for a 12-month period immediately preceding registration in the University. An individual who registers before having resided in Texas for 12 months will be classified as a nonresident, and an individual who has come to the state primarily for the purpose of education will be classified as a nonresident even if the 12-month period has passed.

Although classified as a nonresident, students falling within certain categories may be permitted to pay resident tuition. These categories include: (1) students employed at least half-time in a degree related position as a teaching or graduate research assistant in a Texas public institution of higher education; (2) the dependent of a spouse or parent employed in a Texas public institute of higher education in a faculty position which is at least half-time on a regular monthly salary basis; and (3) recipients of a competitive scholarship (based on GPA performance only) in the amount of $1000 or more per academic year (September through August and which is awarded by a scholarship committee officially recognized by UTHSC-H. Contact the Registrar’s Office for information regarding these criteria.

Further information on residency is available in the Office of the Registrar. See http://registrar. Students may consult the Texas Education Code and the “Rules and Regulations for Determining Residency Status” published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Students applying for veteran’s benefits may contact the Office of the Registrar for information and certification of enrollment. Students who have exhausted VA benefits may qualify for Hazelwood benefits, which includes exemption of tuition and fees. Under certain conditions benefits may be transferred to dependents and spouses Please go to the Office of the Registrar for additional information.

Texas law provides for the waiver of tuition and/or fees for students under certain conditions, such as certain veterans, certain deaf and blind students, students in foster or other residential care, eligible educational aides, and certain high school graduates on Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). For specific information, contact the Office of the Registrar.

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Differential Tuition

Graduate differential tuition will be $50/semester credit hour for residents and $ 200/semester credit hour for non-residents. Professional Liability Insurance

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Fees and Charges

Application Fee (non-refundable) $30
Audit Fee per Course $25
Graduation Fee (see below) $75
Installment Use Fee $15/term
Installment Tuition Delinquency Fee $10
Late Registration/Payment Fee $15
Returned Check Fee $25
Transcript Fee per Request $5
Student Liability Insurance Fee $14.50
Student Health Insurance Fee $1,110
Laboratory Fee (see below) $10-30
Student Services Fee (see below)  
Information Technology Access Fee $20/semester
Computer Resource Fee $70/semester
Alternative Instruction Delivery Fee for  
Web Courses delivered within Texas $100/semester credit hour
Delivery Fee for web courses delivered out of Texas $750/semester credit hour

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Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $75, payable at registration for the student’s final academic term, is required of all students. This fee covers expenses associated with graduation but does not cover rental of the cap and gown. This fee is charged whether or not the student participates in graduation.

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Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees are assessed in an amount to cover the cost of laboratory materials and supplies used by the student. These fees range from the minimum of $ 10 per laboratory course to a maximum of $30 per laboratory course. Each didactic course has a lab fee of $10. The practicum and Preceptorship courses have a lab fee of $30. Laboratory fees are subject to change without prior notice. A listing of current fees may be obtained by contacting the:

Director of Admissions 713-500-3476,

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Student Service Fee

The Student Services fee, required of all students, is assessed per semester credit hour with a maximum charge of $ 183.84 per Fall or Spring semester or $ 105.86 per Summer session. If a student enrolls in more than one summer session, the maximum fee will be $ 105.86. The fee provides for student activities, outpatient care by Student Health Services, counseling, shuttle bus service, and recreational facilities. Optional family coverage for most student services is available. The schedule of fees is as follows:

Number of Semester Hours Taken Semester Fall/Spring Summer
1 $85.52 $41.47
2 $97.79 $49.40
3 $110.11 $57.47
4 $122.41 $65.56
5 $134.69 $73.59
6 $146.99 $81.67
7 $159.27 $89.71
8 $171.54 $97.78
9 or more $183.84 $105.86

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Tuition and Fees Payment Policy

  1. Payment of tuition and fees are due no later than the end of the registration period.
  2. Tuition and fees payment must be made in full or according to the installment agreement due dates.
  3. A late fee ($15.00) is charged to students who pay after the payment due date listed in the class schedule.
  4. Students who have a check returned for insufficient funds will be charged a fee of $25.00. If no valid payment is made prior to the established deadline for tuition and fee payment, the Registrar will recommend to the Dean that the student be dropped from enrollment.
  5. Students who have tuition or fees billed to a sponsor are financially responsible for any fees determined to be uncollectible by the Accounting Office from that sponsor. Furthermore, extended delays in collection of receivables from sponsors will require the student to make the uncollected payment. Student payments will be refunded upon receipt of payment from the sponsor.

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Methods of Payment

Payment for tuition and fees should be made at the Bursar’s Office, which is located in the University Center Tower building, 22nd floor located at 7000 Fannin. Student can make payment by cash, money order, personal check, financial aid (loans and/or scholarships) or credit card. The credit cards accepted are MasterCard and Visa. The Bursar’s Office can be reached at (713) 500-3088. Students may also pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover on the web at http://UTLINK. Standards, Policies, and Procedures

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Refund Policy

  1. Refunds shall be made of applicable tuition and student service fees collected for courses from which students drop within the first 12 class days of a Fall or Spring semester or within the first four class days of a Summer sub-term, providing the student remains enrolled at the institution. Refunds for fall and spring semesters will be prepared prior to the close of the semester. Refunds for summer sessions will be prepared within 30 days of the close of the second summer session.
  2. Refund of tuition and fees paid by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship will be made to the payor rather than directly to the withdrawing student. Students who withdraw before graduation are entitled to a full refund of the graduation fee if a diploma has not been ordered.
  3. The University shall terminate student services and privileges, such as health services, library privileges, and facilities usage when a student withdraws from the institution.
  4. Refunds of tuition and mandatory fees shall be made to students who withdraw from the institution during the fall, spring, or summer 12 week semester according to the following withdrawal schedule:
    • prior to the first class day of the term from which a $15 matriculation fee shall be assessed ---- 100%
    • during first 5 class days of the term ---- 80%
    • during second 5 class days of the term ---- 70%
    • during third 5 class days of the term ---- 50%
    • during fourth 5 class days of the term ---- 25%
    • after fourth 5 class days of the term ---- none
  5. Refunds of tuition and mandatory fees shall be made to students withdrawing from the institution during a summer 6 week term according to the following withdrawal schedule:
    • prior to first class day of the term from which a $15 matriculation fee shall be assessed ---- 100%
    • during the first, second, or third class day of the term ---- 80%
    • during the fourth, fifth, or sixth class day of the term ---- 50%
    • seventh class day of the term and thereafter ---- none

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Refunds Under Installment Payment Plans

Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University does not relieve a student of the responsibility for unpaid financial obligations to the University. Students enrolled in an installment payment plan will be required to continue making payments until the non-refundable portion of their accounts is paid in full. Refunds or credits are based on percentage of tuition and fees charged, not on the percentage of tuition and fees paid. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

All policies regarding the payment or refunding of tuition, fees, and charges are approved by The University of Texas System Board of Regents and comply with applicable state statutes. If a person desires clarification of any matter relating to payment or refund or such charges, he or she should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Optional Fees

  • Transcript Fee: A transcript of academic credits received at this University may be obtained upon written request to the Office of the Registrar, and submission of $5 for each transcript requested.
  • Audit Fee: For a fee of $25 per course, a student may elect to audit a course, i.e., attend the course without receiving academic credit. SHIS does not allow auditing of classes.
  • Transportation Expenses: Students are required to provide their own transportation to clinical sites.
  • Academic Regalia Rental: The charge for rental of the cap and gown is approximately $ 100. Information on ordering academic regalia is sent to students several months before annual commencement exercises.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Every student enrolled in the School of Health Information Sciences must have professional liability insurance coverage in force throughout each semester enrolled in the minimum policy amount of $100,000 per claim. The professional liability insurance must cover students for breach of confidentiality in dealing with the confidential information in the electronic patient record. Advance written notice or posting may change the minimum amount required by the Office of the Dean. The premium for this insurance is due at the time of initial registration and each Fall Semester. The annual premium is prorated based on the student’s date of entry. The annual premium is approximately $14.50 per year.

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Student Health Insurance

Documentation of health insurance, including hospitalization coverage, or proof of purchase of such insurance is required. Proof of insurance is required by many clinical affiliates prior to entry to the clinical practicum sites. International students must include repatriation insurance coverage; the student can purchase repatriation insurance offered by The University of Texas System. Students may purchase hospitalization insurance from the group plan offered through The University of Texas, or an equivalent policy. Information on the plan available through The University of Texas System may be obtained by calling Auxiliary Enterprises, (713) 500-8400 or http://web.hsc.uth.tmc. edu/ae1/health/index.html.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid for students is available through the UTHSC-H Office of Student Financial Aid, which has limited loan and scholarship funds. The granting of these funds is based on proven financial need and/or academic excellence. Applications for federal and state financial aid programs should be made at the time of application to the program by contacting:

Office of Student Financial Aid
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
7000 Fannin, Ste 2240
Houston TX 77030
Phone: 713-500-3860
Email: [email protected]
Web address:

Students who are receiving financial assistance must continue at a minimum of one-half time enrollment and maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined for financial aid eligibility. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information regarding enrollment and satisfactory academic progress requirements.

A student subject to selective service registration will be required to file a statement that the student has registered or is exempt from selective service registration in order to be eligible to receive financial assistance funded by State revenue.

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Competitive Academic Scholarship Awards

Competitive Academic Scholarship awards are designed to facilitate the scholastic development of students who are in high academic standing. The benefits of this award are two-fold; (1) a direct financial award, and (2) if the recipient is not a resident of Texas, the change in status to resident tuition for that academic school year (September through August). All SHIS degree-seeking program are eligible to compete for these scholarships. Competitive Academic Scholarships are dependent on the availability of funds each year.

The criteria for selection are:

  • Grade point average documented by the Director of Admissions from the Student Information System in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Pattern of Academic Achievement
  • Recommendation of the Students Advising Committee members
  • Success in overcoming socioeconomic or educational disadvantages

The SHIS Student Affairs Committee considers all submissions. The SHIS Student Affairs Committee is composed of UTHSC-H faculty and student representation. The recommendations of the SHIS Student Affairs Committee are passed through the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for submission to the Dean. Notification of awards will be made by mail.

Applications for the limited scholarships in the School of Health Information Sciences are available in the Office of the Dean, University Center Tower, Suite 600, located at 7000 Fannin.

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Summary of Estimated Annual Fees and Expenses Based on Full-time Enrollment

Program Expenses  
Application Fee (one-time only) $30
Immunization (approximate cost, one time only) $175
Student Criminal Background Check $39
Tuition (based on 24 hours annually)1  
Resident $3,504
Non-Resident $11,376
Student Service Fee $473.54
Information Technology Access Fee $60
Computer Resource Fee $150
Liability Insurance $14.50
Laboratory Fees $80-$90
Graduation Fee $75
Transportation (Student's responsibility)2 varies
Books, Supplies, Miscellaneous Program  
Expenses (see Program section) varies
Personal Anticipated Expenses (approximations)   
Apartment Rent3  
One Bedroom (UT Housing) $648
Daycare varies
Health/Medical Insurance4  
   Basic coverage for student only $1,100
   Basic for student and spouse $3,203
   Basic for each child (additional) $1,730
  1. based on 9 semester hours Fall and Spring and 6 semester credit hours for Summer; $146 is resident cost per semester credit hour/$474 is non-resident cost per semester credit hour.
  2. the student is responsible for personal transportation and parking fees to and from the clinical practicum sites
  3. does not include utilities or food costs
  4. Student Health Insurance -- Current information available from Auxiliary Enterprises, (713) 500-8400. All students are required to show proof of coverage or proof of purchase of health insurance. International students also must provide proof of repatriation coverage, or the student can purchase repatriation insurance for a cost of $41.00.

Note: All of the estimates above are subject to change without prior notification.

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Estimated Program Expenses for Health Informatics Master's Programs Per Year

The expenses, which are specific to Health Informatics, are estimated at:

Item Estimated Expenses
Textbooks*, computer** (required), software $3300
Lab Fees $10 per course
$30 per practicum/preceptor course hour***

* Computer ($2500 first year only) requirements based on the annual recommendation of the Office of Academic Computing.
** Practicum/Preceptor site may require additional requirements, e.g., immunizations, insurance.

In addition, students must pay required school expenses (tuition, fee, etc.). See the Expense Table summarizing estimated expenses.

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