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Certificate for Health Informatics
2011-2012 Student Handbook

Program Description and Goals Admission to the Health Informatics Certificate Programs
Course of Study for the Health Informatics Certificate Program

Program Description and Goals

SHIS is pleased to offer the Certificate of Health Information Science designed for self-motivated professionals working in the health care and information technology fields.

The certificate provides professionals with an increased understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in technology integration into healthcare. They will be able to participate in designing, planning, implementing and evaluating new software and hardware solutions at their institutions.

SHIS is experienced in providing education to working professionals. The certificate program is designed to provide quality education to professionals on their schedule. The courses are offered online for convenience of working professionals.

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be awarded a certificate of completion from the University of Texas. A transcript showing graduate credits may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

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Admission to the Health Informatics Certificate Programs

The admission process to the HI certificate program is designed to get the professional working applicant into the Program by meeting minimal requirements. Each applicant must submit to the Registrar’s Office the following:

  1. A completed certificate application online
  2. $30 application fee
  3. An official transcript with the minimum of a baccalaureate or higher degree in an appropriate area, e.g., science, medicine, dentistry, MIS, or computer science All foreign college transcripts must have been evaluated on a course by- course basic by an independent organization such as Educators Credential Evaluators or World Evaluation Services prior to application.
  4. Satisfy a criminal background check if offered admission

Certificate of Completion in Health Informatics application deadlines:

Fall admission - July 1
Summer admission - March 15
Spring admission - November 1

Successful completion of the program requires passing each course with a grade no lower than a “C”. Students may not earn more than two grades of “C”, earning a third grade of “C” results in automatic dismissal from the certificate program. Professionals who complete the course of study will receive a certificate of completion. The coursework that is earned is at the graduate level. This coursework can be transferred into a degree-seeking program. No grade lower than a “B” will be accepted to transfer into the Masters or doctoral program.

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Course of Study for Health Informatics Certificate Program

The certificate program offers two different options. Option 1 is a set of five predetermined classes with an emphasis in Clinical Informatics:

HI 5310 Foundations of Health Information Sciences I
HI 5006 Information Technology for Biomedicine
HI 5001 Introduction to Electronic Health Records
HI 6312 Project Management in Health Care
HI 6309 Healthcare Interface Design

Foundations of Health Informatics I should be taken in the first semester. The other four classes can be taken in any order. Each class will be offered no less than twice in each academic year.

Option 2 is your choice of five classes from our catalog. This option allows professionals interested in biomedicine or learning and technology to customize their certificate to meet their needs.

A certificate focusing on designing and developing learning environments in health science education could include:

HI 5310 Foundations of Health Information Sciences I
HI 6309 Healthcare Interface Design
HI 6312 Project Management in Health Care
HI 5340 Introduction to Learning Environments in Health Science
HI 5341 Learning Development in the Health Sciences

Address application inquiries to:
Irmgard Willcockson, Ph.D.
Director of Certificate Programs
7000 Fannin
UCT 600
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 500-3627
[email protected]

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