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Computer Usage

Computer Usage

General rules for use of university computer hardware and software.

All students are encouraged to take every advantage of the computer resources available to them in the School of Biomedical Informatics. These resources are, for the most part, provided by the State of Texas or Federal agencies and are intended for academic, as opposed to personal, use by students and faculty.

Appropriate kinds of academic computing activities include:

  • course assignments
  • processing text for exams, reports and theses
  • interacting with scientific information sources on the Internet
  • corresponding with colleagues about scientific matters via E-mail

 Inappropriate personal computing activities include:

  • corresponding via E-mail with relatives, friends, or acquaintances about personal matters
  • accessing non-scientific data bases or information sources
  • downloading and/or printing articles or publications that do not relate specifically to the student's program of study or research
  • joining and participating in the activities of non-academic users groups on the Internet
  • indulging in unauthorized game-playing

Students who use common pieces of equipment should also follow the rules of computer etiquette. This means avoiding any practice or procedure that makes it difficult or impossible for others to use the equipment. For example, unless specific authorization is given:

  • do not change the basic configuration of a common (public) computer
  • do not load software on a computer

For more information please refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOOP) Policies (must be on the UTHealth network to access):