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Summary of Estimated Annual Fees and Expenses
Based on Full-time, On Campus enrollment
2018-2020 Student Handbook

Summary of Estimated Annual Fees and Expenses Based on Full-time Enrollment Estimated Program Expenses for Health Informatics Master's Program Per Year

Estimated Annual Fees and Expenses Based on Full-time Enrollment, On Campus enrollment

Yearly Program Expenses  
Application Fee (one-time only) $60
Immunization (approximate cost, one time only) $175
Student Criminal Background Check $49
Tuition (based on 24 hours annually)1  
Resident $5,952
Non-Resident $20,736
Student Service Fee $566.25
Information Technology Access Fee $108
Computer Resource Fee $300
SBMI Technology Fee $300
Liability Insurance $14.50
Laboratory Fees $180 (varies)
Graduation Fee $100
Transportation (Student's responsibility)2 varies
Books, Supplies, Miscellaneous Program  
Expenses (see Program section) varies
Personal Anticipated Expenses  
(approximations) Apartment Rent3  
UT Housing (subject to availability) (Varies by number of bedrooms/sq ft) $950
Daycare varies
Health/Medical Insurance4  
   Basic coverage for student only $2,504

1 must have been completed in the last 12 months; employment criminal background checks from UTHealth cannot be used for admission.
2 based on 9 semester hours fall and spring and 6 semester credit hours for summer; $248 is resident cost per semester credit hour/$864 is non?resident cost per semester credit hour.
3 the student is responsible for personal transportation and parking fees to and from the university and clinical practicum sites
4 4 does not include utilities or food costs
5 Student Health Insurance - Current information available at UTHealth Auxiliary Enterprises website at Though not required, health insurance is also available to purchase for students’ spouses and/or children. Contact Auxiliary Enterprises at [email protected] or 713-500-8400 to obtain an application for family coverage. Family coverage must match the coverage dates of the student. All students are required to show proof of coverage or proof of purchase of health insurance. International students also must provide proof of repatriation coverage or the student can purchase repatriation insurance for a cost of $96/per year

Note: All of the estimates above are subject to change without prior notification.

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Estimated Program Expenses for Health Informatics Master's Programs Per Year

The expenses, which are specific to Health Informatics, are estimated at:

Item Estimated Expenses
Textbooks*, computer** (required), software $3800
Lab Fees $30 per course (based on course selection)
$500 per practicum hour*** not to exceed $1,530

* Textbooks - SBMI students are not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a university-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

** Computer ($3,000 first year only) requirements are listed on the website ( and are subject to change.

*** Practicum/Preceptor site may require additional requirements, e.g., immunizations, insurance, drug testing.

In addition, students must pay required school expenses (tuition, fee, etc.). See the Expense Table summarizing estimated expenses.

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