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Advance to Candidacy

Candidacy Research Proposal

The Advance to Candidacy Research Proposal will apply theoretic knowledge and empirical data to research Biomedical Informatics problems in the student's area of interest. The student's faculty mentor and advising committee must approve the focus of the Proposal. The Advance to Candidacy Research Proposal will state the specific aims of your research; review the relevant research literature; identify research methods, subjects, design, procedures and data analyses; include preliminary or pilot data and findings; and compellingly articulate the scientific contribution and importance of your research for the discipline.

Candidacy Exam

Advance to Candidacy in the SBMI doctoral program in biomedical informatics occurs with the students’ successful completion of the Advance to Candidacy Exam as evaluated by the student's faculty mentor Committee Chairperson and Advising Committee. The Exam requires a definitive written and oral presentation of the students Advance to Candidacy Research Proposal.  The written Proposal will be submitted to all Biomedical Informatics Faculty a minimum of two weeks (10 working days) prior to the Exam date. The written Proposal will be submitted as either PHS398 or NSF format. The oral presentation will be open to all students, faculty, adjunct faculty and interested parties within the University.  The student must have completed 36 semester credit hours before taking the Exam. The Exam must be completed before the student takes more than 58 semester credit hours.