ID Badges

All students are issued an official ID badge. Students may obtain the badge after registering for classes at no cost (payment of fees prior to obtaining a badge is not required).  In order to obtain an ID badge, students are required to show a government-issued identification. ID badges should be worn at all times while on UTHealth owned property. They are required for entry into UTHealth owned buildings, functions, and shuttles. Badges also serve as library cards for the HAM-TMC library (see Library Services for further information).

If a replacement ID badge is required for any reason, a $10.00 fee will be assessed.

ID Badge requests should be e-mailed to the Bursar Office using a digital signature and an ID Badge Request Form. For further information on replacement badges and fees, please refer to information provided by UT Auxiliary Enterprises (HOOP).

ID Badge Hours

ID Badging Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The ID Badging Office is located at UCT, 7000 Fannin, Suite 1.070Q. To avoid any inconvenience please call 713-500-3403 to ensure that the ID Badging System is in working order.