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For Students

SBMI encourages students to use online study, research management tools to help efficiently complete projects and coursework.

When selecting, keep in mind 10 rules for choosing Productivity Tools:

Tool Price Use Access link
References & Citations
Zotero Free Citation Manager
Evernote Basic desktop version is free Desktop application to organize disparate PDFs and online references into notebooks for writing papers etc.
Citation Machine Free Generate citations in APA, MLA, etc.
Creating charts and visuals
Lucid Chart Free up to 1 GB with .edu account Create flowcharts, systems charts, Venn diagrams etc.
TimelineJS Free Create interactive timelines using Google Sheets
Plotly Free (limited use) Create and share graphs in a web-based format
Prezi 14-days Free Trial Interactive presentations
GitHub Free (public and open source) Software development
Managing Files and Articles
Pocket (Smart bookmarks) Free Saving and reading web articles across all devices
Xodo (PDF Annotator) Free Web/phone application and Chrome plugin to manage, merge, annotate and share PDFs
Diigo Free plan with ads Share and save annotated webpages and PDFs
Evernote See above
Quizlet (Flash cards) Free Memorization practice with digital flash cards
Information Providers
Desmos Free Incredibly fast online calculator that graphs any function.
BetterExplained Free Forum for explaining mathematical equations and concepts.
instaGrok Free Generates concept-maps of related images, videos, articles, and terms based on a student's query. For students learning how to conduct research.
Wolfram Alpha Free Systemized knowledge database on a variety of topics
Information Providers
F.lux Free Automatically removes blue light from computer in the evening to alleviate eye strain.
Cold Turkey Free (basic) Block applications, websites, and internet for a fixed amount of time to boost productivity.
RescueTime Free (basic) Analyzes how you spend time on the computer and generates reports.
Unstuck Free A digital coach that provides guidance on how to overcome a problem.
Information Providers
SlugBooks Finds inexpensive textbook options.

Check out a more expansive Digital Research Tools directory at Digital Research Tools

Please note: SBMI does not endorse or provide support for any of the above products. This list serves as a resource and starting point to organize your own work. 

Always follow UTHealth IT Security Best Practices and do not use your UTHealth login and password to create accounts elsewhere. Always use unique passwords. Protect your identity, privacy and the privacy of your fellow classmates.