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An Integrative Review of Data Governance in Biomedical Research Literature

Author: Naqi Mohammad, BA (2013)

Primary Advisor: Juliana Brixey, PhD MPH RN

Committee Members: C. Ed Hsu, PhD MPH

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics at Houston.


This integrative literature review attempts to synthesize and analyze current biomedical publications on the topic of data governance using a qualitative, integrative review of data governance definitions, designs, and best practices in current publications. Using relevant search terms in PubMed database, publications were reviewed on the topic of data governance and co-occurring terms. Summary analyses for thirteen (n=13) articles were performed and semantic analyses for common terms across and within the articles were noted using distributional semantics. Data governance models and best practice approaches are sparse as compared to the volume of other biomedical research. As an emerging field, many of the extant articles on PubMed address overlapping concepts. Latent semantic analysis provided semantically similar terms to a unified search term [data] and results indicate commonalities among the 13 articles reviewed. At present, the holistic integrative review of current research offers only principle concepts in the field. An additional review at a later point in time would highlight differences in the common themes currently discovered as the field matures. A review of data governance models outside of the healthcare field may also provide some useful data governance insights.

Keywords: data governance, data stewardship, data quality, latent semantic analysis.