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Evaluation of a Community-Based Health Promotion Program Utilizing an Online and Off-Line Combination: The Effects of an Online Diet Record System on Self-Rated Achievement

Author: Shoko Nakamae, BA, MA, Ph.D (2013)

Primary Advisor:  Juliana Brixey, PhD MPH RN

Committee Members: Noriaki Aoki, MD, PhD

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics at Houston.


I have developed a health promotion program called the   "e -health community"   which consists of both online and off-line activities.  The approach of this program   is   to   develop   a   citizen   centric   health community for sustainable health promotion activities in the local community. I have provided an online diet record system   and   off-line physical   activity   and cooking sessions. To clarify the effect of this program, I conducted questionnaires about Internet usage, lifestyle habits and self-rated sense of achievement to 49 newly joined participants during 2009 and 2011. Self-rated sense of achievement regarding dietary understanding  and  dietary  sense  of  control significantly increased  in  a  group that  utilized  the online diet record system. Further analysis shows that the usage of the diet record system affects the  self­ rated  sense  of  achievement ,  but  neither  age,  sex, answers of the  preliminary questionnaire nor session participation had any effect.