Cerner Health Facts ®

Cerner Health Facts®

Cerner Health Facts® is a database locally hosted by SBMI. It comprises de-identified EHR data from over 600 participating Cerner client hospitals and clinics in the United States and represents over 68 million unique patients. With this longitudinal, relational database—reflecting data from 2000-2017—researchers can analyze detailed sets of de-identified clinical data at the patient level. Types of data available include demographics, encounters, diagnoses, procedures, lab results, medication orders, medication administration, vital signs, microbiology, surgical cases, other clinical observations, and health systems attributes.

Who May Access Cerner Health Facts® 

SBMI faculty may have direct access to the Cerner Health Facts® database on the server after signing and returning a Cerner data user agreement; follow this link to access the Cerner Health Facts® data user agreement.

SBMI students and postdocs can submit requests for data to the SBMI Data Service team; if less than 10GB, students and postdocs may download the data set provided by the SBMI Data Service team for further analysis. If the data set is greater than 10GB, it will be stored on a secure server and the student or postdoc will be granted access to conduct his/her analyses. Follow this link to access the Cerner Health Facts® data user agreement.

External users must be sponsored by SBMI faculty, have a UTHealth account, and have signed a Cerner data user agreement that is co-signed by the sponsoring SBMI faculty member; they may then submit data requests to the SBMI Data Service team.  External users will conduct their data analyses on the secure server; no copies of the data may be made. Follow this link to access the Cerner Health Facts® data user agreement.

Cerner Health Facts® data (up to 10GB) may be employed by SBMI faculty for use in the classroom. In such cases, each student and his/her sponsoring faculty member must sign a Cerner Health Facts® data user agreement.

How to Access Cerner Health Facts®

UTH ID is required for access... follow the link

Cerner Health Facts® Documentation

Login to review a brochure, data dictionary, and schema for Cerner Health Facts®.