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IBM MarketScan® Research Databases

IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases are locally hosted by SBMI. They provide fully integrated, de-identified, individual-level healthcare claims data that can be used to examine health economics and treatment outcomes. The core databases—Commercial Claims and Encounters, Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefits, and the Medicaid databases—represent over 170 million patients (2011-2015). The MarketScan Research Databases feature fully integrated patient-level data (inpatient, outpatient, drug, laboratory, health and productivity management, health risk assessment, dental, and benefit design) from commercial insurance, Medicare supplemental claims, and Medicaid claims to reflect treatment patterns and costs.

Who May Access IBM MarketScan® Research Databases

SBMI faculty may have direct access to the MarketScan Research Databases on the server; follow this link to access the IBM data user agreement.

Only SBMI students, postdocs, and research staff who are working with an SBMI faculty member can access the MarketScan Research Databases. In such instances, the SBMI faculty member must sponsor the SBMI student, postdoc, or research staff member. Follow this linkto access the IBM data user agreement, which must be signed by the sponsoring SBMI faculty member.Note that IBM forbids the use of its data by SBMI students, postdocs, or staff for their own independent research.

Visiting research faculty and staff who have a formal contractual employment arrangement with SBMI and are working with an SBMI faculty member on his/her research may access the MarketScan Research Databases. Once the contractual arrangement concludes, the researcher’s access to the MarketScan data ends as well; remote access is not permitted and these persons are prohibited from removing the data after termination of their contract. Note that sanctioned use does not apply to study collaborators who do not have a formal contract in place. Follow this linkto access the IBM data user agreement, which must be signed by the sponsoring SBMI faculty member.

For dissertation use only, SBMI doctoral students may request a small subset of the MarketScan data through the Dissertation Support Program that will be prepared and provided gratis by IBM, specifically for this purpose. Note that prior approval by the doctoral student’s faculty advisor must be received by the SBMI Data Service ([email protected]), along with a one-page summary of the proposed research and an abbreviated bio of the doctoral student. The SBMI Data Service will then make the request of IBM and receive the prepared data on behalf of the SBMI doctoral student.

The MarketScan Research Databases may not be employed by SBMI faculty for classroom use.

How to Access the IBM MarketScan® Research Databases

UTH ID is required for access... follow the link

IBM MarketScan®Documentation

Login to review all documentation for MarketScan Research Databases. Note that these materials may not be copied or distributed to unauthorized data users.