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IQVIA Database

The IQVIA Ambulatory EMR database is comprised of approximately 80 million patients with a face-to-face physician interaction since 2006 and are sourced from an “opt-in” provider research network of practices that have implemented our supplier’s electronic health record (EHR) system. IQVIA’s partner is a Top 10 EHR vendor and the data for AMB-EMR are sourced from the non-hospital (ambulatory) contributors. The aggregated database comprises records collected by over 100,000 physicians who are affiliated with over 800 ambulatory practices (medium to large medical offices, outpatient clinics, and physician networks) from all 50 US states. Approximately 40% of the physicians from these sites are general practitioners and the remaining are specialists. Incremental data contributions are processed monthly with a 45 -day lag before new patient data appears in the IQVIA production environment.

The IQVIA PharMetrics® Plus database is comprised of fully adjudicated medical and pharmacy claims. It contains a longitudinal view of inpatient and outpatient services, prescription and office/outpatient administered drugs, costs and enrollment information. With PharMetrics Plus, an enrolled patient can be tracked across all sites of care: hospital, specialist, emergency room, pharmacy, primary care, and more.

The IQVIA Oncology database collects EMR data from oncology practices and hospitals to connect diagnoses, clinical staging, diagnostics, vitals, and treatments to understand the patient journey by line of therapy for specific sub-types of cancers. Information is available starting in 2012 and covering more than 1.2 million patients and can be linked to other IQVIA real-world data assets.

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