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Center for Artificial Intelligence and Genome Informatics


The mission of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Genome Informatics (AIGI) is to develop a methodological and applied informatics research program to model the intrinsic structural connections among modern data modalities in biomedical research. Two unique strengths of our research programs include (i) Medical AI: the use of deep learning AI methodology in biomedical data and (ii) Genome informatics: the efficient modeling of genetic data. Our current projects include the use of deep learning for predictive modeling of EHR data and genomic data, the use of efficient algorithms for identifying haplotype sharing among genetic data of large cohorts, and the genetic studies of deep learning derived endophenotypes.

figure of Medical AI and Genome informatics

We are a group of highly passionate scientists crossed trained in computer science, mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, infectious disease, and biomedical informatics. We have a strong track record in connecting real-world biomedical problems with advanced informatics solutions. Research projects of our team are funded by multiple NIH grants.

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