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  2021 - YEAR
03/12/2021 AI is to Medicine Today What the X-ray <br> was to Medicine a Century Ago” – A Deeper Dive

  2019 - YEAR
12/12/2019 AI is to Medicine Today What the X-ray was to Medicine a Century Ago, and Much More.
11/12/2019 Exploring the “Other” Side of Data Science

  2018 - YEAR
05/31/2018 Exploring Bioinformatics at School of Biomedical Informatics

2017 - YEAR
08/02/2017 What is the relationship between informatics and data science
02/15/2017 SBMI Heads to Orlando for HIMSS17

2016 - YEAR
03/30/2016 How health informatics is changing the way we look at alcohol consumption
03/26/2016 Connected Health Technologies Use in Hospitals
03/09/2016 Mobile Technology & the Evolution of Healthcare
02/24/2016 Las Vegas Hosts HIMSS16
02/10/2016  The Benefits of Increased Online Access
01/27/2106 How Informatics is Changing Heart Health
12/1/2016 Who is Ready for Healthcare Payment Model Change
12/01/2016 The Future of Wearables: Making e-health accessible
11/23/2016 Collaboration for Population Health Improvement Initiative
10/12/2016 2016 AHIMA Convention & Exhibit Heads to the Charm City
09/26/2016 Celebrating National Health IT Week
08/17/2016 A Ransomware Epidemic And An Overdue National Health IT Safety Center
06/08/2016 Where Can Health Informatics Take You?
05/25/2016 The influence of informatics on neurodegenerative disease treatment and management
04/27/2016 How Virtual and Augmented Reality Are Influencing the Future of Health Care
04/06/2016 Are my wearable devices wearing me?

Natural Language Processing: What is it and why is it important?

02/10/2016 The Benefits of Increased Online Access
01/29/2016 Five Reasons You Should Care About Health Care Informatics
01/27/2106 How Much Do Health IT Professionals Earn?
01/22/2016 The Precision Medicine Movement

2015 - YEAR
11/25/2015 Digital Technology Takes on Mindfulness
11/11/2015 SBMI Heads to San Francisco for #AMIA2015
11/04/2015 Most Popular EHR: Who is Number One?
07/29/2015 Interdisciplinary Informatics: 4 Backgrounds That Prepare You for a Health Informatics Career
07/22/2015 The Americans with Disabilities Act's 25th Anniversary
07/15/2015 The History of Health IT Leaders
07/01/2015 What does it take to be an informatician?
06/24/2015 Two Ways Health Informatics May Save Lives this Summer
06/17/2015 How to Choose the Right EHR
01/28/2015 5 Trends in Academic Health IT to Watch for in 2015
01/24/2015 Two Ways Health Informatics May Save Lives this Summer
01/21/2015 Calling All Innovators in Health Informatics!
01/14/2015 Emerging Trends in mHealth
01/08/2015 Mobile Devices Enhance Patient Connections
01/03/2015 Roadmap to Interoperability
12/09/2015 How Health IT is Advancing Collaborative Care
10/29/2015 The Future (and Present) of 3D Printing
10/21/2015 Time To Implement IOM Health IT Recommendations For Improving Diagnosis
10/07/2015 Shaping the Future of Health IT
09/30/2015 ICD-10: Issues and Implementation
09/23/2015 SBMI Visits NOLA for the 2015 AHIMA Convention & Exhibit
09/16/2015 What do the Best Health IT Employees Want from an Employer
09/09/2015 SBMI Workforce Grant
09/02/2015 Tips for Successful Online Learning
08/26/2015 Wearable Technology and Cell Phone Apps do more than Count Steps
08/12/2015  Public Health Surveillance…in Real-Time
05/27/2015 How Health IT Can Help Reduce Data Distractions
05/20/2015 How is IT Shaping Patient Care?
04/22/2015 The Importance of Collaboration
04/15/2015 The Importance of Patient Engagement
04/08/2015 SBMI is Heading to #HIMSS15
03/25/2015 Our Data-Driven World - SBMI Informatics Blog - The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Biomedical Informatics
03/18/2015 Veterinary Informatics - SBMI Informatics Blog - The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Biomedical Informatics
03/11/2015 SBMI Growth in South Texas
03/06/2015 Recognizing Informatics Nurses for National Nurses Week 2015
03/04/2015 Finding Value in a SBMI Degree
04/01/2015 Nursing Informatics
02/25/2015 How Do We Love Thee, Houston? Let Us Count the Ways
02/18/2015  Use of Virtual Educational Spaces at SBMI
02/11/2015 Why Disability Informatics? - School of Biomedical Informatics
02/04/2015 Business Dining Etiquette - School of Biomedical Informatics

  2014 - YEAR
12/17/2014 Health Information Technology and Patient Safety
12/10/2014 Health Wearables: What Are They and What Are the Trends?
12/03/2014  How Health Data Analytics Can Help End Health Disparities
11/24/2014 What You Need to Know About Your Health Information If You Receive Genetic Testing
11/17/2014 AMIA Patient Portal
11/12/2014 Spring and Summer 2015 Application Deadline Announcement
11/05/2014 Ethics and the Electronic Health Record
10/29/2014 Your Health and Consumer Health Informatics
10/22/2014 Exploring How Informatics is Changing Health Education during National Health Education Week
10/15/2014 Social Media and Your Health Information
10/08/2014 Personalized Medicine: An Informatics Problem
09/24/2014 The Four Elements that Make UTHealth SBMI Stand Out and Stand Above
09/07/2014 The Importance of HIT in Healthcare