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SBMI Heads to San Francisco for #AMIA2015

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2015 Annual Symposium begins Saturday in San Francisco and SBMI has faculty, staff and students attending and playing an active role in the symposium. We want to acknowledge the following members of the SBMI community that will be participating in #AMIA 2015 sessions, panels and presentations.

AMIA 2015 Image

  • Associate Professor Julie Brixey, Ph.D.: “The Internet: A Source of Near Real Time Infectious Disease Information” poster presentation on Nov. 16
  • Assistant Professor Peter Killoran, M.D.: “Evaluating the Effects of Cognitive Support on Interpreting ICU Patient Data” podium presentation on Nov. 17
  • Associate Professor Robert Murphy, M.D.: “Clinical Decision Support: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Program to Improve Outcomes” Pre-Symposia Working Group on Nov. 15
  • Assistant Professor Sahiti Myneni, Ph.D.: “Opportunities for Social Media within Consumer Health Informatics” panel on Nov. 16
  • Professor Dean Sittig, Ph.D.: “Clinical Decision Support: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Program to Improve Outcomes” Pre-Symposia Working Group on Nov. 15, “The Sociotechnical Perspective in Biomedical Informatics: What do We Understand and Measure?” panel on Nov. 15, three poster presentations on Nov. 16, “Health Information Technology and Large-scale Adverse Events” panel on Nov. 17
  • Professor Hua Xu, Ph.D.: “Tools and Resources Demonstration and ‘Connect-a-thon’” Pre-Symposia Working Group on Nov. 14, “Building Successful Natural Language Processing Applications in Clinical Research and Healthcare Operations” Pre-Symposia Working Group on Nov. 15, “Recognizing Disjoint Clinical Concepts in Clinical Text Using Machine Learning-based Methods” and “Recent Advances in Computational Drug Repositioning” panels on Nov. 16
  • Doctoral Candidate Zhiguo “Stanley” Yu: “Improving Retrieval of PubMed Articles Using the TopicalMeSH Representation” podium presentation on Nov. 15. Several SBMI faculty members will participate as well including Elmer Bernstam, M.D., Trevor Cohen, MBChB, Ph.D. and Todd Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Doctoral Candidate Barbara Berkovich: “Demographic Factors Associated with Differences between New York Inpatient Medicare Charges and Payments for (DRG 065) Stroke” poster presentation on Nov. 16
  • Certificate Student Yimin Geng: “Patient Engagement in Cancer Survivorship Care through mHealth: A consumer-centered review of existing mobile applications” paper presentation on Nov. 17

Here is a link to the entire #AMIA2015 schedule, which also includes the room numbers for these events. The  keynotes at this year’s symposium will focus on security, patient safety and quality so attending those sessions is very beneficial.

AMIA can’t be all work and no play! SBMI is hosting its annual AMIA Mixer at Johnny Foley’s Irish House on Nov. 16th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (PST) so stop by & mingle.  As always, don’t forget to visit our SBMI team at Booth 100 and take some silly pictures in the photo booth. See you in San Francisco!

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