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The Center for Behavioral Emergency and Addiction Research (C-BEAR) at UTHealth oversees a multidisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians that utilize data science methodologies and innovative treatment modalities. CBEAR aims to improve behavioral health and emergency care through prevention, policy, and treatment programs for vulnerable populations. Our strategic community collaborations continue to differentiate us as we work towards generating outcomes and policy-based research.


Behavioral interventions at C-BEAR consider motivations, decision-making, actions, and habits contributing to mental well-being and everyday functioning. We offer therapy, support and informational groups, and one-to-one peer recovery support.


We provide behavioral health resources to those who need them in emergencies, such as surviving an overdose. We also serve first responders and frontline workers whose work in emergencies may disrupt behavioral health.


Addiction is a medical disease that affects areas of the brain responsible for motivation and decision-making. We treat addiction as a chronic disease like asthma or hypertension: with medical and behavioral interventions.


While we actively provide resources to people seeking recovery, we take note of the things that work well, and we consider ways to improve the treatment landscape at large and hopefully share our successes with the world so that people everywhere can benefit from the things we have proven are successful.

To learn more about the Center’s work, please contact the Center’s Executive Director, Dr. James Langabeer.

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Dr. James Langabeer PhD James Langabeer, PhD,  EdD, MBA, EMT, FAHA, FACHE
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The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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